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Hello World!

How is everyone doing today 🙂 My week was strictly okay!I am hoping this one’s a lot more fun. Here’s what went by!

1. Fashion week month is officially over! Was tough enough keeping track of everything that went down NY, London, milan and Paris! 🙂2. Just when I was prepping myself for spring… there you go.. Snow on my parade! 😛 20130308_0816033. Went to this amazing vegan chinese place for dinner. Buddha Bodai does a whole range of mock chicken, crab, fish.. the works.. Not that I would know how any of these would taste in the first place 😉 but the food was outstanding.4. Found these collar pins online and I sooo want them 🙂 5. I tried this strawberry-tender coconut drink last week and I have a feeling I’ll be drinking a lot of this over the coming months! Delish 😀 Sadly I used packaged coconut water but hey.. whatever works 🙂Happy Weekend everyone 🙂 Stay happy