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Why is monday so far from friday, but friday so near to Monday? That we shall never know but the least we can do is to make the most of it 😉 I know I tried 🙂 Here’s what went by

1. While spring still continues to elude us here on the east coast, I still managed to get into “spring cleaning” mode. I threw out a ton of stuff- clothes, shoes and whatever else was gathering dust and choking up my living space. My home feels a lot more spacious now but how long it stays that way remains to be seen 😛 2. Nothing beats a bowl of piping minestrone soup on a windy day! Great recipe here. The only problem you can’t stop with one bowl 😉3. Apparently lip balms don’t suffice! I picked up this elf lip exfoliator on a whim and it was one of my best impulse buys ever! 🙂 4. Spring cleaning shall obviously be followed by more shopping! 😛 Prat and I went went to a bunch of places to deplete our slim wallets with much success 🙂 5. Bought my self a new pair of urbanears headphones. Read: Prat bought himself these and now obviously I shall encroach upon them with no shame whatsoever 😛 Here’s wishing everyone a happy week! Only 4 more days to go until the weekend if that’s any consolation 🙂