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Hello darlings!

I blink and the weekend is gone! Somehow it never seems to apply to the rest of the week :P. But I had a fun week where I did all of the below and more 🙂

1.  I swear by Quinoa but Prat runs at the sound of it. I don’t blame him; it isn’t the most appetizing thing to hear but try it as a Quinoa corn soup like I did! Home run:)2. Bought a new blender just in time for ’em summer time shakes and smoothies 😉 3. Finally the beach is inhabitable( barely though) once again with the weather getting better! 🙂 Also those shoes are totally sand inappropriate but they lived 🙂 20130413_1654054. I was always under the impression that Nepali food would taste like Indian food. Well I found out at Cafe Himalaya! It does and it doesn’t 🙂20130403_1830265. I saw this last week on pinterest and wanted to try it. But of course I was “busyy”. I NEED to try this out this weekend as soon as I run out of excuses to laze around doing nothing 😛Happy eventful week ahead 🙂