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Hi Dearies!

I don’t know where the weekend went but monday is here already :/. Never mind .. we are in this together and will get through the week in one piece 😛 Until then let me reminisce a few things that made my previous week 🙂

1. Had a fabulous Nepali thali meal at Thakali Kitchen. I still can’t get over the puri! Delish! 🙂WP_20130601_0112. Look who I met at our neighborhood grocery! I am a certified dog person but this cat was a sight to look at 😀  WP_20130601_0213. While Trader Joes is my go to grocery destination, once in a while a trip to an indian grocery is warranted to stock up on all my spices and a million other things.. And I did just that 😀 WP_20130601_0164. I love weekends, more so if I get to eat breakfast in bed. Cheesy omelet Prat style was one of this week’s highlights! 😉WP_20130504_0025. Bought a new vintage oval mirror that I didn’t really need but wanted for my room . 🙂 

Have a wonderful week ahead !