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While most of us blog because we want to or like to, it is no mean feat thinking up relevant and entertaining posts to present to our audience. Infact I spend a good part of my daily commute wondering what to post the next day;) And it’s small gestures such as a like, comment or if you are lucky enough, an award that make you feel like your effort is justified:) Thank you Sarmistha of littlebookoffashion for being kind enough to give me the honor!:) She cooks up some fab stuff in her blog so I recommend you take a peek! 

Of course with every award comes a set of rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. Thanks again 🙂 

  • Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post.

  • Share seven things about yourself.

1. I make up random words to signify random things.. and then expect people to understand when I use them 😛

2. Prat is pretty sure I am bipolar:P which probably means I am.

3. I talk too loudly and animatedly and it can annoy the hell out of people who do not know me 😐

4. I look different in every picture as you’ll must have realized and obviously in person it is yet another story 😛

5. I can eat cereal for every meal( Hello school days!) if I have to. 😀

6. I check my bank account online everyday.. Don’t ask me why 😉

7. I have very good memory. I can remember random events quite vividly and talk about it and then see 3 😛

  • Nominate seven other bloggers. There are several other great bloggers who I enjoy following but here are a handful in no specific order

– The temporarily dormant but permanently fabulous Kavya of kavyabasavraj

 The lovely Kenya of kenyaldesigns for her fab outfit picks.

– The bravechica Ari who does a great job blogging about fashion, beauty and a bunch of other things!

– Stylish lady Anna of stylesalvation.wordpress.com who’s style of presenting the latest trends I really love!

–  The super talented Kate of intothestratosphere who not only has a really cool blog but a really well curated etsy shop as well.

– thereversecommuter who’s posts are more entertaining than any book I can think of 😉

– The fashion duo at thefashionglitter who manage to put together amazing looks

  • Inform the nominees by posting on their blog.

Congratulations to you all! Thanks again to Sarmistha as well as all you readers who support my little blog 🙂 Happy day