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Hello all you lovely people!,

If each day is a gift, I would like to know where to return monday! 😉 But since that doesn’t seem plausible, I’d rather get through it thinking of what a great week I had… here are somethings that made my week memorable!

1. Sue me but I am no fan of donuts! But I wolfed a dulce de leche churro donut from Tres Carnes in record time.. Yumm!! 🙂 2. Got a fancy watch which may or may not be an early birthday gift 😀7ed5f06c450795750124173946b6b19f3. Watched The Purge.. I enjoyed the premise of the movie; the theatre full of screaming kids.. not so much 😛4. Ever since the weather turned for good, I have been sincerely trying to go to the gym. Motivation!! 🙂 5. Went into food coma at My Thai. Their grub is the stuff dreams are made of! 😀WP_20130608_013Have a great week folks!:)