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Heylo World,

How’s everyone doing? Have I been missed? Because I sure missed blogging and it feels good to be back after such a fun weekend 😀 Getting back to work after the entire week filled with birthday festivities.. now that’s another story 😉 Anyway after a week of being M.I.A, it’s only fair that I let you in on what I did 🙂

1. If anyone needed yet another reason to go shopping and not feel guilty about it ,that’s me! 🙂 Prat and I went all out 😀2.  From ramen, to bipimbap to indian grub, I was more than happy to indulge myself and not having to worry about a thing! During birthday week, anything goes 😛 FOOD3. I love the outdoors and the water so imagine my excitement when Prat took me kayaking to red hook! 🙂 and the weather behaved 😀4. A year older didn’t mean we had to be any less sillier 😛 we walked around in matching espadrilles.. 😉 20130621_0818485. Bought the brightest lipstick in the store to celebrate being an adult 😛 Take that first strand of grey 😉pink6. gifts.. gifts.. gifts.. B) both giving and receiving 

7. Yet another surprise from Prat when he took me to the Stephen Burrows exhibit at the new york museum followed by a little discussion with the designer himself. How thoughtful is this guy!<3WP_20130619_0158. Why I havent ever gone bowling before I don’t know.. but what I do know is that I am going to do it a lot more! FUN FUN FUN!!:)9. Had a ball watching all the flamboyantly dressed mermaids at the Coney Island mermaid parade… totally worth being fried to a crisp!10. Cutting a cake might be an ultimate birthday cliche but not when it is has a question mark candle one it and is made of ice cream 😉 WP_20130621_006Looking back at it, one thing is for sure.. Growing old and growing up have nothing to do with each other 😛 Happy day!