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Howdy folks!

How is everyone doing?! I had a particularly pleasant week and feel “equipped” enough to take on the new one. Also how bad can a week be with a holiday in between( hello 4th of july). 😉  Here’s what I managed to accomplish last week

1. Maybe I am having a “middle-eastern” moment but off late I have been craving  hummus, pita and the like! I thought it would be more “purse friendly” to start trying to make them at home … Lazy as I am,  I started with a tabouleh salad with this recipe and trust me I am as anti-salad as they come, and this tastes so delish! Do try it.  2. All of winter I was wishing for sun, and now am wondering if I wished for too much 😛  As much as I’d like staying indoors, that isn’t an option so I am stocking up on my sunscreen! So far this one from Neutrogena is my favorite.3. Prat and I were hungry. We were semi-lost 😛 Result: First time we went to a chinese take out and  ended up eating there! 😉WP_20130629_0054. Caught a movie at the local theater! I am no brad pitt fan but I enjoyed it 🙂 5. I have been wanting to visit the green wood cemetery; a serene little picturesque spot in brooklyn! And finally made it. A true non-touristy gem!Have a happy happy week! 😀