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Hi everyone!

Everything well? I Loved the long weekend! Getting back to work.. not so much :p but then what’s new 🙂 Anyway I did a lot of stuff over the week.. here are some of the more fun ones 😀

1. Come summer and I eat yoghurt/ sorbet/icecream like I drink water!:) I have paid enough visits to the pinkberrys and red mangos of the world to be on first name basis with the desk staff 😛 Also I may or may not be snacking on some sorbet as I type this. 2. Nothing spells hot summer than hotter pink nails 😛 20130703_1416343. Pigged out on thai food at vegetarian ginger20130704_1419584. I loved despicable me. I loved despicable me 2 as much 🙂 And I loved this song from the movie the most.Those minions could make a statue smile! 5. It’s probably because I am starting to get homesick, but I decided to wear some indian garb on a whim to work last week! And yes my nail color looks nicer on this one :dWP_20130703_001Have a great week everyone! 🙂