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bagThere has been many a time I have rummaged through my bag looking desperately for something and taking a good five minutes to find it!Tell me I am lot alone! I clearly have too much stuff in there 😛 So finally  I decided it was time for a quick edit/ arrangement of the contents. Also I thought while I was at it I could share what’s in my bag! Most women would nod their heads in agreement if I were to say my bag is strictly off limits for most people to peruse/hold( depending on my mood :P). I let Prat peek in it once and that look of utter disbelief/disgust on his face still makes me  occasionally laugh! My bag is my personal haven of things.. a medley of a hundred receipts, crinkled dollars, a bunch of keys, my wallet, a beat-down book,my much-needed charger, head phones.. and a ton of other stuff! Add some, take away some and more or less this is what I carry with me on a daily basis.. A little much you think? Let’s just say there is no such thing as being too prepared 😉