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How is everyone doing today? No idea why but this weekend I was feeling extra-lazy, and it was a herculean task for me to get back on track to take on the week! But then life has to go on :P.. so here I am at my desk thinking about the week that whizzed by..

1. Cooked up some whole wheat oatmeal pancakes to brighten up my morning from this recipe here. Delish+healthy= WIN!WP_20130714_0032. Perks of living by the beach – catching an evening sunset!3. Grow older they said.. no more break outs they said.. and how wrong they were!:P I still get acne and it annoys me to no end! I read some great reviews about this sulphur ointment and ordered it. I am hoping my search ends here! 😀4. A giant scoop of watermelon sorbet to cool off the summer heat! And I mean GIANT! B)WP_20130712_0355.  Wolfed down a vietnamese spread after a crazy work out at Pho Hoai.WP_20130712_032Have a great week you’ll … Also only 4 days to go for the weekend! 😛