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Can the weekend come already so I can get some real rest and post some real fun stuff? 😛 Until then you’ll have to contend with this quick post related to my current crazy scenario of course! What do you do when you are hard pressed for time and can’t afford to look like a mess?summerdress

1. Pull on a dress(because you can’t spend precious time you don’t have trying to co-ordinate an outfit when you have to show up at work at 8 am) –  a print would be perfect if you have no time to throw some jewlery on!

2. Pair your outfit with confortable shoes.. especially if you have to spend the day on your feet( Hello trade show!)

3. Swipe on some lipsick, grab your bag and out the door!Play the above steps on loop through the week to get out of it in one piece while fervently praying for the weekend.. STORY OF MY LIFE! 😛