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The week comes to an end and so does the challenge( thankfully? ;)) but I must say I’ll have to sort of disappoint you’ll. Having a flight to catch today has rendered me incapable of actually editing and posting my pictures from yesterday so we’ll have to make do with an image from my ahem.. archives 😉 This may easily be my favorite shirt.. except for the fact that it wrinkles easily … but thats a minor hitch compared to how nicely it goes with everything! Also I always buy them a size larger so I can float around in it:P( aka happily hide in it) Hope you’ll liked this week’s challenge! Alright..time to pack up.. And in case you want to know where I am off to … VEGAS BABY! 😀

PS: I should be back on track by late next week. I will be sure to come read all your posts and wonderful comments… until then.. Happy Weekend! 🙂