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BAUBLE1 I am into doing my posts as a series now rather than random bits.. why you ask? Perhaps it is a little more interesting?.. You tell me 😀 Anyway following the shirt up and polka mini series, I decided to take this chance to obssess about statement necklaces. Why the love..maybe because when I have 15 mins to run out the door, all I need to find is a clean T shirt,a pair of pants or a skirt and throw on a chunky piece and somehow I feel like I am somehow more appropriately dressed to take on my day!?!  Any statement necklace junkies to back me up on this please step forward 😉

PS: Unlike last time I probably wouldn’t do an outfit post for the series everyday.. I’d want to spread it over 2 weeks simply because I have so many other things to say after my little Vegas break 😛 HAPPY DAY 🙂