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Howdy earthlings!!

Why is it that the week takes forever to fly but the weekend goes away in a blink:/ Anyway I am openly sulking today about having to report to work..  also it is note worthy to mention that my mind is still living in the wonderful holiday I had in Virginia & Washington! But on the flip side, if I had stayed there any longer am sure to have gained at least 5 more pounds, our hosts pampered us silly:) Apart from all the places we visited here are few other highlights! 🙂

1. The jack fruit is  one of my favorite seasonal fruits and after a good three years, I had a chance to feast on some! You bet I made it count! 🙂 WP_20130901_0192. Having lived only in New York so far I hadn’t gotten a chance to experience super stores until this trip – Walmart, sam’s club, Costco . you name it I went there ..and incidentally mind you 🙂  Not sure if it’s something I want to do on a daily basis but I felt like a kid in a candy store! 🙂 WP_20130831_0393. The cutest little tea set on show …reminded me of my days with the dolls 😛 20130901_1229464. Vada is a south indian lentil fritter and if you haven’t eaten it ever, you may want to consider it. Delicious goodness.. also see: weight gain 😛 DSC078835. And yes no trip is complete without a bunch of selfies 😀DSC07880Wish you all a happy weekend. Lets hope we get through it in a piece 😀