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Hello Folks!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Its a new week.. which means New things to try, new people to meet, new places to see.. and yes more work to do 😛 Here are some things I did the last week 🙂

1. Took my first bite of a starfruit, which is an asian speciality! .. It tastes like an earthy pear and looks great on your fruit salad as a garnish! Do try it:) 2. Say what’s up to my new favorite scrub – The charcoal, jojoba scrub from Michael todd is gentle, exfoliates like a pro and leaves your skin feeling so soft! This product has my seal of approval 😛 3. Over the last three years I have accumulated so much chump change and not known what to do with it :/.. until Prat took me to Coinstar for the first time ever:) Put in all your coins in exchange for a gift certificate.. an unexpected mid week treat to use for any of the things on your wishlist 😉 WP_20130914_0554. Nothing to compliment the rainy weather than piping hot samosas with chill sauce and some good TV 😉 Try it hereWP_20130915_0255. Few things brighten your day like a pair of neon pants:) 20130909_082240Happy happy week.. And remember to care less and smile more 😀