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Let me warn you that I may not hold a candle to some of my fellow beauty bloggers out there, but doesn’t mean I won’t try 🙂 This isn’t as much a review as an experience… I had a random outbreak that left me with some scars to thank for getting me to try a BB cream. While I do believe beautiful skin starts from inside, a little outside help is more than welcome 😛 Though I was happy with my Maybelline BB cream, I didn’t realize what I was missing until I used Missha, in terms of coverage. Being a Korean product, the shades are limited but if you do manage to find a match, I would say this product is solid. It goes on smoothly,you need just a pea sized amount to hide  ahem.. everything(I have scars, uneven skin tone and whatever else you can think of and more 😛 ) ,it stays put through the day, has built-in sunscreen….and wait for it, doesn’t make you look like you have painted your face 😛 faceHere’s proof- the only difference being some eyeliner and a slightly wider smile… and yes even skin tone 😀 Also I am thinking of giving Smashbox a try  after I get through this tube:) Any SB fangirls? Which one is your favorite BB cream?