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Helooo Everyone!

If Monday had a face, I would punch it 😛 Now that I have gotten that out of the way let’s look at the week that went by 🙂

1. For the days I get hungry between breakfast and lunch 🙂 2. Off late everytime I go grocery shopping, I find myself looking for sugar  snap peas… just so I can make this simple sautéed dish that is healthy and delicious! 🙂 3. I ordered myself this little steamer in a jug, to alleviate the morning panic that comes with disorganized wardrobes and horribly wrinkled shirts! 😉WP_20130912_0594. I treated myself to a facial after a rough week.. Infact my first in a REALLY LONGG TIME and thoroughly enjoyed it.. I am inclined to make this a habit! 5. One does not simply finish a week without having some killer dessert.. brown top pudding and bakhlava to satisfy my sweet tooth(teeeeetth) 😀WP_20130912_065Here’s wishing you a very happyy week!Remember a smile is always in style 😀