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Arrghhh it’s monday already? It was friday just yesterday!:| Never mind.. we shall march ahead with gusto lol! Here are some things I managed to try out last week.. and I am excited to see what this one has in store 😀

1. Perfect after-work out elixir – fresh apple and carrot juice! Packed with nutrients and yummy to boot!  20130923_1901512. It’s officially fall, which means time to edit, undo and redo the meagre wardrobe.. 😛  I managed to complete the task with moderate success. But only when I went to discard my old stuff at the recycling bin did I realize half my neighbourhood had the same plans 😉 20130922_1730593. Oh Asparagus you cunning trickster! All this while I thought you tasted best sauteed but little did I know you taste exceptional as a soup4. Lovely weather. brunch at Freemans amidst stuffed animals .. great company.. Your turn! 😛5. Only in NY folks.. only in NY! 😀20130929_102831Have a wonderful week ahead and do more of what makes you happy 😀