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Hello lovely lovely people!

How is everyone doing? I am simply going to try and pretend it is not a monday and keep going with my week in hopes that it gets done earlier:P Meanwhile here’s what my previous one looked like 🙂

1. A trek to Dylan’s candy bar to experience the adage” kid in a candy store”:P 2. Before the terrible winter weather is out full force I decided to stock up on bio-oil, a nutrient rich concoction that keeps dryness at bay and makes the skin healthy and firm. Go get em! 3. Seasoned veggies floating in a coconut soy curry broth sounds right however you say it. And will probably turn out fine however you chose to make it but this one worked for me 😀4. I am trying to grow my hair really long and so was sorry to see about an inch go but hey a trim is going to pay off right?? 😉 Right? 5. I usually stuff all my scarves in a mini box because organization is just not part of my vocabulary. I just tried this DIY and now they sagely hang in my closet UNWRINKLED and are so easy to grab and throw on ! Hurray! Have a happy happy week 🙂