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Hii Folks!

I am so ready for mondays… said nobody ever!:P Why would I be any different? I have just managed to dust away the remnants of my happy weekend and get on with … just barely though! 😛 I am still sort of dreaming of all these things that went by…

1. My heartfelt apologies to all the people I have laughed at for enjoying Kale Chips.. 😛 I had no clue how delish they were until I baked a batch myself! 20131019_2245282. What pairs well with glitter? More glitter 😛 A few coats of sheer sparkly silver polish topped with some crazy multicolored confetti glitter to seal the deal! 🙂 20131018_0813293. Caught the movie Gravity at the nearby cinema and while some parts of it were a little far fetched, the visuals more than made up for everything! 4. Savored a plate of Kee Mow at Top Thai for lunch! I would be totally okay if everyday was thai food day 😀 20131020_1616155. Show the winter weather who’s boss with this deep nourish hair mask to keep frizz at bay! My hair seems to love this stuff 🙂Have a wonderful week.. do something to surprise yourself 😀