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Hii Everyone!

Monday you cunning thing that sneaks upon me when I am just not ready! hmmpf..But you know what am still going to get the better of you by starting my week with a fat stack of pancakes and dreaming of the week that whizzed by! πŸ˜‰

1. Clearly having an asian phase and this homemade tofu stir fry calmed my cravings πŸ™‚Β 2. It’s beanie weather peeps.. and yes also bad hair weather πŸ˜›20131015_0759493. I do not know what the point is of eating low – fat ice cream but I still did it anyway πŸ˜€ This time at Carvel!20131020_1328594. What does one do when one never has worn eyeshadow before and wants to try it? go all out and buy a gold shimmery one and pray you dont look like you work at a circus πŸ˜›Β gold5. Comfort food and great conversation.. at TiffinWallah20131026_124053Have a wonderful day and keep smiling.. easier to get through the day in one piece πŸ™‚Β