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Hello Folks!

Monday Again! I have nothing to say except try and get through the day as soon as possible. Thank god I did some fun things over the previous week to keep me going through this one 😀

1. Shared a pie at Lombardi’s. No regrets! 😀 2. Love this shade of emerald green nail pant from Zoya… Hello pantone.. Yes it is your color of the season 😀 3. After almost 3 years of living in New York the state now recognizes me! 😀 For reals! 😛 4. I am all about salads.. NOT! But trying to eat cleaner means trying new stuff so pardon me while I brag about this yummy Mung bean salad I made. 5. Dang those nasty little bits of fluff that sprout all over your favorite sweater! I shall now have the pleasure of nixing you pills right off with this little gadget I snagged. Common I know you need it too. 😀Wherever you are be all there! Happy week! 😀