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Not only have I disappeared for a while but I have suddenly decided to write a food post because …eating is always “in” right? 😛  Jokes apart, I’ve been trying to eat cleaner and healthier( thanks in part to my stubborn love handles, and a fresh bout of adult acne :/) and have consciously been trying to incorporate them into my diet to counteract several years of sugar and junk food abuse ;). The last few weeks have been all about the below…. in addition to plenty of fresh veggies,fruits and water( and bites of dark chocolate when I see a mood swing coming :P)!

1. Flax:  A spoon of these little buggers in my cereal / yogurt and tadaaa.. I’ve gotten fiber and much needed omega 3 🙂 2. Kale/ spinach: As a former hater of all things green,  I’ve taken a shine to these greens packed with all sorts of goodness, thanks in part to some really great recipes floating around the internet.3. Nuts: No brainer.. great for snacking, lots of essential fats and when if they are activated, even better 😀 4. Chia: I’ve swapped my daily after-dinner dessert with Chia pudding. While chia can be expensive, it more than makes up by being a super food full of oxidants, fiber and keeps you full 😀 5. Seaweed: The first time I ate a sheet of Nori, I literally gagged… but it really does grow on you. Living in an asian neighborhood helps, I buy fresh kelp and just throw it into a soup or a salad. Anything for some folic acid 😛 While it is a task to consciously put the right stuff into your body , I am hoping it pays off and I can soon do a post with pictures of me all fresh faced and dewy 😛 I am hoping I keep at this.. wait.. what.. do I smell a pizza? 😛