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cozyStaying cozy indoors while the wind howls outside is what I would prefer ideally, but on days when I am out of excuses and have to go to work to earn a living I prefer to “cozy” up. πŸ˜€ Obviously am alluding to a very literal explanation here. This random shapeless item of clothing that could well double as some sort of human tent is what DKNY likes to call a cozy, and I think it is quite fitting! πŸ˜€ (Also nostalgia from my days of interning there when I actually picked this out from a giant box of samples which they let me raid; else how in the world will I afford this $300 cashmere thing that everyone wants but no one needs πŸ˜› ) Β Apparently there are several many ways to wear this to your liking, but I prefer to let it all hang out πŸ˜› ( no pun intended) Have a cozyyy weekend πŸ˜‰