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Helloooo folks!

I am extra pumped about this week simply because it hardly is a week at all.. 😛 Three days will be gone in a wink and we will have a long weekend and lots of food to look forward to. 😀 Meanwhile here’s a quick recap of my previous week

1. The first time I had lettuce rolls was at PF Changs.. which by the way was my only time being there.. and I have found myself craving those many a time since. I finally caved in this week and tried them using this recipe 🙂 So easy to make and so tasty.. I may have finished more than I had intended to! 2. A jog in prospect park despite the not so great weather but it lifted my mood and that’s what matters 🙂 3. I’ve heard rave reviews about the mint julep mask and decided to take the bait. I saw a difference from the very first use and I would recommend this to anyone who wants smaller pores( who doesn’t) and maintenance for acne prone skin. 4. It’s that time of the month to eat pumpkin flavored everything… I started with pumpkin spiced granola.. totally yum to snack on and the house still smells divine! 🙂 5. Did some doodling over the weekend! 😀 Nothing major but it’s always a great way to unwind! illustration5Have a great (mini) week 😀