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Howdy Fellas!!

Hope everyone’s doing great!:)  Let’s start this year’s first hi5 Mondays on a good note for a change shall we? No cribbing about monday.. yet:P  I had such wonderful holiday week….What’s better than taking off work and going on a mini vacation to Austin( where the weather is infinitely better than New york) with family! Infact I felt so rested and wonderful that I did not raise a ruckus despite having to work over the weekend after getting back! 😉 So obviously this week’s edition is austin-centric!

1. Gave a speech at the capitol to an audience of exactly 2 😛WP_20131227_0592. Ate too much tex-mex, no pounds gained! Mission accomplished 😛WP_20131227_0763. Marathon sessions of Sherlock! I really recommend this to whoever will listen 😉4. Tons of silly selfies! 😉20131227_1553305. And yes I spent the weekend back in ny  shoveling snow off the driveway and trying to avoid frost bite. If Manhattan looks like this… you can imagine Brooklyn! 😛Have a wonderful week ahead, stay warm.. stay happy! 🙂