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Hello Everyone,

I cant tell you how many times I hit the snooze button today before crawling out of bed!😛 Ahh the joy of mondays! A big glass of acai berry smoothie will hopefully help me get through today! Meanwhile here are last week’s highlights!🙂

1. Found a new indian joint, Minar a couple blocks from my work place! This may or may not be a good thing for my ” trying to eat clean” lifestyle :P 20140115_1343592. When you are too lazy to head out to get your nails done, you simply improvise by having a home made pedicure! :D 20140119_2008103. A latee.. errmm very late holiday present! :D 20140119_1509074. I hate following recipes.. My preferred method of cooking is get all that you got, put it in a pot, eat it hot😛 And making a lentil loaf is pretty much the same except you bake it! I made a kale version of this recipe and it turned out so delicious. ( Yes I am trying to kick my ketchup habit;))20140118_2254105.  I finally got around to cleaning all my beauty supplies, and trashed a lot of stuff that’s been lying around unused! Was sad to see them go.. but it only means more space to buy :P 20140117_222111Have a fantastic week ahead!😀 Only four days to friday😉