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Hello world!

I am having serious withdrawal symptoms owing to my relaxed weekend! The terrible weather and delayed train service this morning didn’t help 😛 Hopefully this week will go by in a flash.. meanwhile here are my top 5 fun things from last week 😀

1. If times square weren’t crowded enough already, it was literally a zoo this last week.. It was impossible to navigate the streets from work; thanks to the super bowl frenzy:)  (Hello USA readers who are probably recovering from the food coma induced by the game yesterday! ) Confession: I however did not watch it( gasp I know, I just do not understand the game);)2. I have long since heard the benefits of argan oil.. And I thought this long streak of bad weather was reason enough for me to buy some. I have since been using it on my face & hair – It works! It works!! 😀 3. I haven’t worn a ribbon on my hair since my school days! But I did have some leftover from all the holiday gift wrapping… and I thought it would be a perfect way to dress up my messy ponytail:) 4. I was cleaning up my pantry and happened to have a bag of rice flour that I had totally forgotten about! I decided to make appams – an indian style steamed crepe made of fermented rice flour batter! These are so soft and the only problem I had was to stop myself from eating too many 😛 20140201_1828075. Socks socks socks.. I just cannot resist the charms of a cute little pair! And I gave in and bought this one to add to my collection 😀 Have a wonderful day everyone! Wear some fun shoes and live a little 😀