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I am not sure you’ll remember but I am in the process of growing my hair out, in fact it is the longest( and messiest) it’s ever been! But on the flip side the terrible weather, poor genetics( I have poker straight thin hair.. thanks mom!), getting through shampoo bottles faster 😛 and chronic fly aways  have made me share a  love-hate relationship with it;) It gets in the way when I roll around in bed in my sleep( does this happen to anyone??) and frankly it tires me but I really want to see it through at least until the end of the year to see how long it gets. Which brings us to this picture I chanced upon in my archives while looking for something else..! Carefree short hair. Sigh! I hated how it looked on me then but now I realize what a breeze it was to maintain! My hands are itchy ever since I saw this pic.. it’s a good thing I cant find my scissors 😛fly