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Hello You’ll,

Somethings are hard to believe..  like monday being here already :P. Jokes apart I was actually referring to chasing yellow cabs turning 2!?!:) Feels like I just started this a while back! What started as a self test to really see if I could keep at maintaining a blog consistently is now a fun platform for me to meet & connect with new people, come up with reasonably entertaining content and of course reading some great blogs in the process! 🙂 I take this chance to thank all of my readers for their support and prat for giving me blogging ideas when I feel uninspired 😀While we are at it, I thought it would be apt to revisit my 5 top posts from the past year which wordpress tells me were the most read 😀 ( in case you missed them ;))

1. How I battled the bulge and won2. A guide to begin and feed your lipstick obsession3. Spring fling4. Weather gets hotter, hemlines get shorter5. Bauble Bar: Simply statement Have a wonderful weekend 😀 and thanks again for taking time to visit CYC 😀