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Hello Monday!

We meet again! I hope this time you are nicer to me! If not I guess Ill just have to make do with wallowing in memories from the previous week 😛

1. Baked mini tofu veggie pot pies for the first time! They were so tasty I forgot to take pics and had to do it while eating midway 😉 20140315_1955462. Everyone has items in their wardrobe that they love but forget it’s existence and eventually when they rediscover them, they fall in love all over again! For me it’s these green converse kicks! 😀20140307_0902063. I need another lip balm as much as NY needs another snow storm!:P But I still bought a tin of my favorite Smith’s rosebud salve! Smells divine and does the job! 4. I walked into chipotle with the intention of ordering the usual veggie burrito bowl but I was pleasantly surprised to see they had introduced a new tofu item called Sofritas which I of course tried! It tastes great.. a tad salty by itself but with the bowl it gave it a nice kick! 5. I spent a good 30 mins shaping my nails and painting it a nearly nude pink but of course I ruined it before it dried and now you’ll have to make do with this picture which is version 2.0 of my now DESTROYED manicure! 😛 Rise and attack this week with enthusiasm! 🙂