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Now that the sun makes a more regular appearance, sunglasses are touted to be out full force and hence this well timed rant!:P Is it me or do the vast majority of people seem to really look phenomenal when they have a pair of shades on? Goes without saying that it can take off a few years, hide those dark circles/hangovers and generally give you an air of “hey I am fabulous and I know it!” but unfortunately they fail to have this effect on me.. in fact not only do I look terrible but also like I try too hard( the horror). My squarish face is not forgiving to most frames and I simply have accepted that they are nothing more than a functional tool to keep the sun at bay despite looking bleh! Le sigh!

So imagine my surprise when I was approached by Avoce Eyewear( a really cool NYC start up that sells affordable and stylish sunglasses/ prescription glasses) to be their blog’s march crush – An opportunity to try on a bunch of handpicked frames at the comfort of my home?! Here you can have my money!:P Obviously I did wonder how it would turnout especially because shopping at a store is hard enough for me, but I was in for a surprise! I picked out four pieces to try and the results are here for you to see!

1. This was my favorite – The Gata, a stylish little cat eye which looks great with dresses and more dressier feminine pieces! gata

2. I liked Carolina a lot too! This is also a mild cat eye shape but I already own a very similar pair unfortunately but if you don’t, this could a very flattering pick!2

3. The Olivia was a surprise. I was expecting to hate this when I saw it because it had a square shape but it was weirdly nice and looked really great with my jeans and tee uniform!


4. The Luciana was the least flattering on me! Made me look like a D list socialite  if you know what I mean but I am pretty sure it would do wonders to a different bone structure! 😀


On the whole the experience was real fun for me and made me feel like I still have hope as far as looking good in sunnies are concerned! 😉 The entire post is here! And am not being plain nice  when I recommend that you give avoce a try( They ship within the US but will accomodate you if you live overseas:D)! If you are lazy like me, it is godsent! 😀 Have a wonderful weekend!