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Happy monday everyone.. just kidding, mondays are never happy 😛 But let’s try to make it as bearable as we can!Meanwhile here’s a snapshot of the week that went by!

1. MY FIRST EVER TRIP TO SEPHORA! I now know why I’ve never ventured into the store before; I blew an unhealthy amount of dough in just one trip! 😛 1396831213367_

2. Picked up a book after ages! Candy crush is a bad bad way to spend time on the subway! 😛

3. I switched out potatoes with cauliflower, and baked them instead of frying and there you have it – healthy cauliflower croquettes! 😀 1394322802179_

4. All those acne creams have left my skin like dry sandpaper:| After a lot of research I bought this little tub of miracles! Doesn’t break you out, isn’t heavy and your skin just drinks it up! I am stocking up on this!:D

5. The weather looks promising enough to start wearing my hair in braids! I tried the braid in a braid style but I couldn’t take a picture of it so this should do! 😀

Have a lovely week ahead! Remember to be the best version of you 😀