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Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good weekend/ easter!:D For a change I am not too displeased about it being a monday today! Maybe because I have some delicious leftovers from yesterday to look forward to 😛 Here’s a snap shot of my week.

1. Pastel nails for Easter.

2. Of course I am too lazy to make sure I add spinach to my smoothie everyday so I simply add a spoonful of this superfood mix! I was assuming it would be too hard to stomach but it was surprisingly pleasant 🙂 Good buy self!

3. Nothing announces good weather like summer rolls! All you need is a rice paper sheets( the perks of living in an asian neighborhood ;)) and your favorite veggies( I like a mix of cooked veggies topped with some fresh lettuce/carrots for some crunch) and a simple sauce to dunk into! So light and tasty!

4. I recently chanced upon this beauty brand – https://www.divastuff.com/ and I am quite possibly hooked. Their products are all natural, smell heavenly and seem to be working well so far. I already use their acne spot treatment &  scar remover, eyelash conditioner, lip balm, and scrubbies.. and there’s a bunch of stuff siting in my shopping bag 😛


5. Finally I get to eat ice cream without people thinking am crazy 🙂

Have a wonderful week and go get some ice cream if you can 🙂