Just when you thought this blog was dead and done for, it manages to pop up on your feed and rise again like the phoenix 😛 Please tell me I have been missed and welcome me back into the wordpress world!? I know it’s been close to 2 months since I wrote but that is only because things have been really busy around here…here’s a sampler of what I have been upto!

1. I went to India on a loooooonnnggg vacation!( I am too lazy to transfer photos from my camera so you’ll have to excuse the dated photo) 😛1466268_10151842658148477_1468271825_n

2. I got myself a husband :D( No really!)


3. I turned a year older.


So you tell me if the absence was justified!? 🙂 I will take the weekend to sort through the traffic in my head and share a bunch of stuff with you’ll from next week! I do hope all of you’ll have been well and so look forward to catching up on all your posts! 😀 Until then have a wonderful friday and make the most of your weekend! ❤