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Happy Monday Earthlings!

May your week start on a much better note than mine did! 😛 With the negativity out of the way let’s look back on my previous week!

1. Wore my purple watch after ages! I kind of went the matchy matchy route because I missed being 10 😛 20140710_0916212. We recently ate at a fancy french restaurant, and my favorite part of the meal was the soup! I tried to recreate the corn bisque with no cream and no butter and it was never the less delicious! 🙂 20140713_0016043. Refilled on my favorite perfume! I love love this fragrance! 🙂 4. Had my fill of pineapple fried rice at My thai, Brooklyn! I jump at the chance to eat here everytime I am in the area.. Actually let me reword it, I take the train to this area to eat here 😛 20140616_150810 (1)5. Caught 22 jump street finally! It was such a non stop laugh riot.. 😀 Have a wonderful week ahead! Smile even when all you want to do is throw things at people 😛