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Hello World!

It’s that time of the week to put on your big girl pants and shine! This is mostly me talking to myself! 😉 Anyway let’s do this! The previous week was not my favorite but I did enjoy the following 😀

1. Made my own veggie burgers from scratch. This recipe is great for a little twist to a regular patty. 

2.  I can get lazy when it comes to changing my pillow cases and that’s where this mist from diva stuff helps to keep the germs at bay. Somehow it helps me sleep better too 😀


3. A visit to the intriguing Jeff Koons exhibit to the Whitney Museum! I would recommend this to anyone who loves quirky art!:)

4. Lazy lunch of Linguine pasta at Vapiano20140719_133805

5. Found this great make up remover DIY. It works on eyeliner you guys 🙂

Have a wonderful week… lets hope this on’s quick and painless 😉