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I have been extra busy( read:lazy ) but I decided it was high time I sent some thanks over Frillthrills’ way! 🙂 Thank you so much Shilpa for nominating me for not one but 2 awards! Owing to her generosity now have a one lovely blog award and a Very inspiring blogger awards. I know this was a little late but I will try to make it count! 😀 And guys if you didn’t know already her blog is super entertaining and very wittily written!

I have already been the recipient of both these in the past but that does not make me feel any less special!:) You can read about it here and here! But I am going to take this opportunity to link you’ll to some really great bloggers who make my day a lot more interesting! 🙂 Of course there are several others who I keep mentioning all the time so I thought I’d pick a few new ones.

1. Fatfreefashion  Lindsay curates this blog in the most entertaining way. I love her looks for less, fabr finds and her product reviews!

2. Madly by Zoxy Madly’s blog is in french but guys thats what translate is for 🙂 She covers a little bit of everything – lifestyle, food, fashion and her style shots are just lovely!

3. Bandhna Her all veggie recipes are the bomb and she’s sweet to boot! 🙂

4. Forvanityssake Jules is that girl who can make a sack look good! 🙂 Her style posts are fantastic and her make up tips are pro- level! 🙂

5. A spoonfulofstyle She’s the super mom who does recipes, fashion posts and chronicles her life in general! She does have a knack for writing 🙂

6. Longandluxe My go to blog to get my fill of inspiration! Allison is so eloquent and I always spend some time thinking after I read her posts!

Have a wonderful weekend you guys! 🙂