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Hey you guys!

I had a particularly hard time dragging myself out of bed today.. aargh! But I am hoping it gets better from here on. Let’s keep at it, maye be it will all make sense someday 😉 Here’s what I did last week.

1. New York Fashion Week has begun and I’ve been busy trying to keep up 🙂 2.My love for falafels are well documented and obviously they aren’t the healthiest but I can indulge guilt free when I bake them 😀3. Did some thrifting at Gold water. This place is tiny but has a lot of cool things so if thrifting floats your boat, I say check this place out! 🙂 4. I tried Kimchi Fries at K-Town for the first time. It is a little different but never the less yummmy! 5. I am very late to this game.. but I started watching dexter and I can’t stop! Which is maybe why I was complaining about it being a monday?:P Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂