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Hello World!

Half of monday is gone…  so that’s good!:D The rest should be relatively painless. I am totally waiting for friday to take off on one of my little trips 😀 Meanwhile here are my 5 highlights from last week 🙂

1. Made some stir fried tofu with a soy/apricot jelly/ sriracha glaze! I did lick my fingers AND THE PAN after 😀 20140913_194231_resized2. It’s blazer weather you’ll! 🙂 20140910_0858073.  For once I have a biscuit full of cookies instead of sewing supplies 😛 4. I love me some lip balm; obviously I lurrvee lipstick, but I am not as excited about lip gloss for some reason! But when this came in my ipsy bag last week I felt like I was ready for fall 😛5. Scarfed down a giant  passionfruit macaron from Financier. Sorry not sorry! 😉 20140821_175154Here’s sending everyone some positivity… have a wonderful week!