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Hey guys,

Nothing like a friday evening to write about something as depressing as acne but hey I had to do it sometime! 😀 I was one of those who enjoyed surprisingly clear skin through my teens and early twenties.. a break out here and there but nothing to lose sleep over! I was a happy camper …..until I hit 26. I was fully expecting to worry about things like silver strands of hair and deeper laugh lines as I aged( god I hate that word!)but what I wasn’t prepared for was an acne onslaught! I guess my body was compensating for lost time? I don’t know! 😐

Seriously you’ll, the last 8 months have just been the pits! I suddenly started sprouting bunches of painful cystic acne on both cheeks that took months to heal and left my face looking like naan bread! I tried to wish it away but that did not work at all. It kept coming and coming – then the panic began. I was so scared to wake up every morning because I knew a few more of those suckers would have popped up! Urgh! 😐 Needless to say my confidence went right out the back door. ( I refused to wear any make up during this time because I wanted my skin to breathe or something? 😛 )


I spent most of my time and money slathering on products that promised to banish em zits! THEY WERE LYING!! I pored through reviews trying things that worked for others hoping it would be my answer too. When benzoyl peroxide, whining to my then boyfriend/ now husband and avoiding mirrors with a vengeance provided little relief I finally caved in and went to a derm. This mostly had to do with the fact that I was going to get married in 3 months! 😛 ( He put me on retin A which provided some relief but shedding like a reptile wasnt the most appealing!?)


After much trial and error I think I have finally managed to obtain semi clear skin with ocassional break outs that I can control  so I think I can go ahead and dole out some tips to help anyone who’s drowning in a pool of acne inflicted sorrow! These are products that really worked for me BUT THEY ARE NO MEANS INTENDED TO REPLACE A DERM’S ADVICE! Acne could be caused by various things (mine were a by product of hormones going berserk) so it is okay to seek help if you can’t figure this out on your own.

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Obviously my acne fighting arsenal isn’t ground breaking but here goes nothing 🙂

1. Tea Tree oil – This works wonders on white heads. When I feel one beginning to form, I simply dab some using a cotton bud onto the ZIT ONLY. The next day or even several hours later, the redness, painful swelling is gone and eventually the head dries and falls off( much to my satisfaction ) Undiluted tea tree oil can dry your skin and burn so please exercise caution!  I bought this one

2. Sulphur Ointment – I find this very helpful with more deep rooted cystic pimples and blind pimples that don’t show up at the surface until much later. When I spot one of these are coming on.. I put a little on and cover it up with a bandaid overnight. It seems to heal acne faster and takes the pain away. Sulphur has a strong smell so you might want to save it for the night! This one really worked for me.

3. Mandelic Acid serum – I use this serum for daily maintainence. It helps regenerate your old skin by micro peeling and greatly aids with fading hyper pigmentation and spots. You have to start by using this maybe 3 times a week and progressively increase usage. Be sure to use sunscreen after! I love this one

Also be sure to moisturize well since most acne treatments can be drying. I use rose hip seed oil for the day and Mario Badescu’s seaweed cream for the night! Also patience is the most important weapon in your arsenal. It takes a while for your body to respond to treatment so give it sometime before you switch up your regimen if you don’t see results! I know acne can really take a toll on your self confidence but that’s what concealers are for! So chin up, get your arsenal ready, let’s win this one! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!