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I  admit I haven’t been the best blogger but that’s because I have been too busy living maybe? 😉  😀 This week’s going to be a busy one too; which is just me telling you I am going to go missing again but I promise to make amends! Meanwhile here’s what I did.

1. I just got back from a trip from Delaware to enjoy them trees shedding their leaves.. and I must say it made for quite a sight 😀IMG_4165

2. Ate something called a Nitro Cream at Scrumptious! My tummy approves! 😉

3. Blood orange nails and lips are not for the faint of heart 😛20141017_134805

4. Next week is Diwali – one of my favorite indian festivals and a box of some TLC came in from the parents!20141014_183913

5. Made lemon “sevai” – an indian steamed rice vermicelli dish with toasted peanuts and lots of seasoning! It’s so east to make and delicious to boot!


Have a wonderful week you all! Don’t forget that a good laugh recharges your battery 😉 😀