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Hello Earthlings!

I for one am happy I got an extra hour to while way doing nothing on sunday thanks to daylight saving 😉 Anyway hope your coffee was strong and your monday was short! 🙂 Here are my gems from last week

1. My soup game usually gets better when the weather gets worse! I made this deliciously creamy Tomato Basil soup which I need to stop taking second servings of unless I want to go hungry the rest of the week 😛2. Watched but sadly didn’t walk the annual halloween parade at the east village! The thriller rendition was terrific! 🙂 3. I finally found a do able way to keep my sweet tooth in check! These dessert delights taste just like the real thing! The apple pie is my favorite! 🙂4. Lazy weather calls for lazy lounge pants! 20141003_151900_resized5. Sometimes it feels good to take a break from public transport and sit in a car with the windows down and the wind in your hair! 😀 20140920_201317_resizedHave a fantastic week! It’s better to be ridiculous than to be boring! 😛