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Hi Folks! Hope all of you’ll had a great weekend! Going to work on a monday morning is not the hard part.. the eight hour wait to back home is the worst! 😉 Anyway that’s why HI5 mondays is therapeutic for me 😛

1. Made a big crockpot of hot and sour vegetable soup which not only tastes great but also helps when I catch the cold from forgetting to take my umbrella 😉 2. The one time I tried purple lipstick that may well be my last?? 😀 purple3. When you want to grow your eye brows out but still maintain some semblance of order- you get your hands on one of these .. just like I did!4. I have 3 trashbags full of stuff from cleaning out my closet.. I simply followed this chart and I may have still been a little generous 😉 5. A slice of artichoke pizza is a must everytime we are in the village! Deliciousss! Happy Monday! .. remember if it doesn’t matter get rid of it! 😀