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Turtlenecks are evil creatures.. They are unforgiving to anyone who doesn’t have a 10″ neck and while I avoid it with a determined intensity, I cant help but feel a little pang when I see them ” too cool for school” new yorkers wearing the hell out of it ! So after some inner cringing and contemplation, I decided to cave and get a turtle neck sweater .. Also the idea that my neck would be swathed in a warm layer of wool was also a major draw considering how frigid New York is already! So here’s my outfit.. I did hide behind a ginormous bling piece/ and my husband like I always do when trying something new but otherwise I think I got out of this one unscathed.. Any others who once shared turtle neck terrors but have since made peace? 🙂IMG_20141101_165815IMG_20141101_165758IMG_20141101_170010