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Hello World!

I have been conspicuously absent for a while, but when family visits,  I guess I am sorry not sorry! 😉 Needlessly I had such a wonderful time and now I am still hungover from all the fun! 😐 For what it’s worth atleast there’s cyber monday to make me feel better today 😛  Here’s my recap from last week

1. Family first! Selfies next 😀  IMG-20141128-WA00172. Call me crazy but I was one among the 3 million ppl standing on the streets to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (finally after almost 4 years of living in NYC). 😀3. Only in NYC ! 🙂 IMG_20141128_2230414. Eggs Benedict with home fries at Ruby Tuesdays! We would dare not venture into any of the times square chains but when nature calls, you change your mind…. and surprisingly their breakfast was pretty good! Either that or I was too hungry 😛 IMG_20141127_1117165. Shopped and shopped some more , thanks to the many thousand black friday sales in the city but this was my favorite buy from Zara! Have a wonderful week you guys! Chin up and take your day head on! 🙂