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Hello guys!

Just when I thought we could put the previous week’s “snow strom” behind us there’s more icy slush on the cards! Like monday weren’t enough. Honestly last week I had nothing to blog about; all I was doing was except working, coming home and binge watching netflix but this week I am going to try harder ;). My top 5 from last week

1. Got to stay home snowed in during the storm and work of course1 🙂 2. Cooked up some Kati rolls- an indian style wrap stuffed with my refrigerator left overs! 🙂3. Nothing says winter like black nails! 4. My throat’s was acting up for good measure and these ginger honey crystals really helped! 5. Love this super nourishing lip balm from sephora! It’s not exactly cheap at $5 but helps me reach my free shipping goal EVERYTIME when I order online! 😉 Have a great week you guys! Stay warm and stay happy 🙂