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The word press app on my ipad has been mocking me silently for being a total slacker these past two months and not even attempting to churn out a post once a week like I used to 😦 I have a bunch of feels writing after this giant break (I admit I have been using the backspace key more than I’d like but I do deserve that 😉 ) – For a while I even considered saying my goodbyes and shuttering this page… but believe it or not a lot of my readers/friends kept asking me when I was going to write again! Also I think I did miss it a lot more than I thought I would… so here I am back to what I do best – BANTER!! 🙂

So instead of a typical HI5 monday post, I thought of doing a snapshot of the last few weeks of my existence! 🙂

1. I moved to a new house – you can imagine the chaos that comes with this but it gave me the perfect excuse to throw out all the hand me down furniture from my student days and redecorate! I think I may be embracing acting like an adult:P

IMG-20150430-WA00002. Been doing some traveling on and off! Most recently chicago- I would actually consider moving here if it weren’t for the 7 months of living in a refrigerator ! -_-3. Hanging out with the family of course!IMG-20150524-WA00174. We now have a new addition – Please say hello to Recker – my brother’s not so lil puppy!IMG_5634 5. Been doing an awful lot of cooking! Most recently I made my own seitan from scratch! 😀 Hope this week is good to us! And yes you’ll will see more of me 😀