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Who over the age of 25 in their right mind would buy a pair of overalls – unless they are thinking” utilitarian” or are built like a super model (or maybe having a mid -life crisis :P) ? – This girl right here! I always coveted a pair ever since I outgrew the denim ones I had at age 5. But somehow the “50% less fat” version of the overall always eluded me until I found these at H&M – It somehow made feel less guilty about getting rid of them incase I hated them! Are they the most flattering on my body? Hell no! But I love how easy it is to throw on, though the menfolk in the pictures seem less than thrilled posing next to giant baby! 😛

PS: If you are a water guzzler like me, remind yourself to drink less water when you have these on 😀 IMG_5673 IMG_5671 IMG_5675 IMG_5676